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11-05-2003, 04:27 AM
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1.Player you would most like to see in a Flyer uniform-- Peter Forsberg (although i have a hockey card of him already wearing it)
2.Player you would hate to see in a Flyer uniform: Donald Audette
3.Player on the Flyers you would most like to be rid of: Chris Therien
4.Favourite Flyers prospect: Rosario Rugerri
5.Most underrated Flyer: Somik
6.Most overrated Flyer: Brashear
7.Do you support Bobby Clarke:Yes
8.Do you support no touch icing: No (at least we can avoid some more whistles by racing for it)
9.Do you support a salary cap: yes
10.Do you think a new CBA will be established before the deadline: YES
11.Who is your favorite Flyer: Jeremy Roenick
12.Least favorite flyer: Therien

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