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12-24-2011, 06:53 PM
Going North
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Originally Posted by gojackets1 View Post
It almost happened...

But it didn't.... and the Jets lost to the Giants.... I don't expect them to win a playoff game as they would likely have to go to Pittsburgh, Baltimore or New England, but hey, way to get us pleasantly surprised. They played Baltimore tough last time (albeit with Ray Lewis), and almost came away with a W (had a Jermaine Gresham TD called back that certainly looked like it was a judgement call at best). If they can miraculously beat Baltimore, a 3-3 divisional record and a 10-6 overall record would look mighty fine to this Bengals fan.

Of course, the way this last decade as gone for the bengals, its been up one year, then, when all the hype starts rolling in the next season, they flounder.....

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