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Originally Posted by Jackpot View Post

You start a thread asking a question, you get a response which is anothers members thought on the topic, and you quickly dismiss it as "Silly Emotion" with no evidence to back it up. Love it!!

There are 20 other teams in the NHL (IMO) that have a shot at the Cup his year, as a fan of the Rangers isn't that the point EVERY SEASON? For it to actually happen two things have to occur.

1. Make the playoff's (would help to have home ice, not a requirement though).
2. Get hot in the playoff's (What's happening RIGHT NOW is a moot point after game 82).

There are some good teams struggling and some average teams taking advantage of that around the league right now. Let's see where it all stands after the regular season. There's nothing wrong with having belief or disbelief at this point, but let's see where we're at come the post season in regards to health and chemistry. If you don't have hope, well there's no point to watching regardless of which team you follow.

Merry Christmas to all !!!
I was responding directly to an insult, and called it out for what it was. Nothing odd about that whatsoever. If you go for a personal insult and directly call out the thread as nonsense, then the least you should do is offer something even remotely thoughtful that states why you hold that position.

In the end though, he explained and I respected.

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