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12-25-2011, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by The Beyonder View Post
Sundin years had players like

Mats Sundin
Gary Roberts
Curtis Joseph
Alexander Mogilny
Steve Thomas
Joe Nieuwendyk

Almost all HHOF potential.

And Sundin years, before the lock out, constantly competed for the playoffs as one of the cup contenders as opposed to this team can't even make the playoffs. I'd welcome back the sundin years with arms wide open, in fact I miss those years, those leaf teams had HEART. And the sens rivalry was tremendous, some of the best playoff hockey. I'm hoping you're twelve cause anyone with half a brain of hockey knowledge would know how much better those Sundin years were than any team we've had since the lockout.

Ahh man I knew it.

The only years we were any good with Mats at the helm was when we had all star vezina caliber goaltending with CuJo and Belfour. Once they were done shining and we were left with average goaltending (Raycroft, Toskalol) we have failed to make the playoffs since. Yes Sundin was with us post lockout. I include that as part of the "Sundin Era". I don't think of these years fondly. We did have a couple runs, granted, but it was goaltending that got us anywhere close to sniffing Lord Stanley. The Sens dominated us every time we played them and it was our goaltenders who stole the series for us.

When I think of true heart from the early 2000's I think of Darcy Tucker. Gave it all for us and burnt out young, you failed to mention him. Nieuwy played one season for us and we got spanked hard by Philly in the second round that year. I agree with the rest, Stumpy only had a couple good seasons with us but he was still a contributor.

The last complete team we had (goaltending, defence, offence) was the back to back semi's in the 90's with Pat Burns as coach. The team Burke is building right now will be reminiscent of those days. Just need a coach like Burns who can instruct a more defensive system.

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