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12-25-2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by dcyhabs View Post
Cox is pretty good, speaking as a Montrealer who has lived in Toronto. Of course he takes the Leafs over the habs, he writes for the Toronto Star. He generally has a balanced perspective, though. He is way better than most of the other writers in Toronto, and a lot better than most of the guys in the journal de M as well.

The habs are in freefall, easy column for him to say so.

Sitting Eller and Subban but no vets is a bad sign. Is RC going to be JM without the experience?

I think promoting an assistant was a bad move. Bringing in a new face motivates players to prove themselves to the new guy. At least you get a bounce, and, if the team starts winning, you may get team confidence.

Maybe they should have just let the power play go... Now there are too many offensive D-men for the available roles and only Gorges as an effective shutdown guy (OK, Subban does both, and Gill can sometimes play shutdown). Too many lefties again, too.
We need someone in the room who commands respect. Take a guy like Carlyle for example, he is a very respected coach in the NHL. He's won. If you want to go the bilingual route, then Patrick Roy is the answer. No coach will ever have have the type of support from fans and management in MTL as Patrick Roy will have, the players will know that they have to play for this guy or they simply will not play. He won't take the drama queens and the BS that is surrounding the team right now. IMO he is the man for the job.

Bringing in one of JM's puppets was a lateral move at best.

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