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12-25-2011, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
I get the impression that all of the Leafs get along pretty well together. I forget what foreign player it was but he said something along the lines of I can't believe there are no groups based on country with this team.. not an exact quote but you get the idea. You often hear that players from country A stick together and players from country B etc.

Maybe they all aren't best of buddies but I'd have to think they get along pretty well. I heard Phaneuf will often go to restaurants with various team mates.. it seems well documented that Bozak and Kessel have a bromance and it appears that Lupul is not the third wheel but apart of it!

Team chemistry is key and it seems like this team has it!
Originally Posted by vezna View Post
i've heard grabovski say that when he was comparing toronto with montreal.
It was Grabovski regarding montreal lockeroom where everyone was divided into groups based on international status and what not while here everyone meshes together pretty well and there is no difference. The KGM line only on the offside worked together to make sure they all scored goals in a way by watching tape and doing seperate practice or something like that.

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