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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
Kings under Lombardi:

Year 1 Black Hole
Year 6 Black Hole

Need I say more?
Actually, yes, yes you do.

For all your piss poor negativity and whining about being in a "black hole" why the hell are you still a fan?

If for 40 years the Kings haven't done anything right in your eyes, and it's a black hole, why continue to cheer, what, do you like the colors? Do you like cheering for things you absolutely hate?

Serious question, why are you still a fan of an organization that does absolutely nothing right in your eyes?

If they do nothing right, and you are a fan, you have to be the most frustrated fan I have ever seen, and frustration breeds anger which breeds hate, so yea, we have a hard time telling which stage of frustration you are at, seems to be the hate part as you think they do nothing right...

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