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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post
Yep, the only 2 contracts that aren't over in 2 years time after this season are Cole (GREAT addition, why doesn't PG get any credit for that?) and Plekanec (great signing, again I wonder why he gets no credit for that) neither of whom are a problem for this team at all.

Cap issues can be dealt with in a variety of ways, that's why these guys get paid the big bucks. Are we really hanging our hats on the fact that Montreal is terrible and doomed to suffer through psuedo mediocrity for now and forever more because they have some underachieving guys making big money who are off the books in 2 seasons time?

Asinine, simply asinine.

Also, to add to inconsistent as Gionta and Cammalleri are at times, they could both be dealt for a decent return (nothing spectacular mind you, but some good pieces coming back) which would both clear up cap space and improve the teams future.

Gomez is awful, no denying that...but they took a risk on him and it didn't pay off. Sucks that mcD had to be given up, but it's hardly the worst trade ever. Defence is one of the habs biggest strengths now I think.
I agree with you 100%. My only wish is that we take these veterans move them for younger players to try and speed the retool process. I don't think the current contracts are the end of the world, but if we have trouble maintaining consistency with these players, we should retool accordingly. It happens all the time in sports. There's cycles and in this case, we can probably be competitive on a decent year with this core, but we'll never be top of the league, so take the young talent you have and seek out the correct players to compliment them or add to the core. For instance, adding a legit top line center in a Eric Staal, Getzlaf, etc...(although unavailable) would change the dynamic of the team already but that's my opinion. I just hope the guys making the big bucks realize we have a lot of assets that will help us down the road and all we need is to surround the paciorettys, subbans, price and so on with other strong talent. Easier said than done, but this issue is no different than many other teams in the league missing a 1st line center, a top pairing d or a starting goalie. We're experiencing something(on ice product) that even a team like Philly did. They were a good team, had a bad year, retooled and got picks and got JVR and company going forward. They recognized it wasn't their year and prepared for the future, that's the only thing I can realistically ask from management. The rest? Just details like language issues.

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