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12-25-2011, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
A thought just crossed my mind... why DL bashers haven't been crying about Smyth trade to Oilers and Boyle signing with Rangers lately (at least not that much). And of course, no surprise - because they haven't been doing THAT well lately.
Smyth last 12 games: 4 points, 1 goal (with team scoring more than 30 goals in that period)
Boyle this season: 33GP, 2 goals, 6 points, 3.4 Shot%

The double-faced nature of Lombardi bashers (but you can easily generalize this to all sports) is the same as we can see with being on opposite sides in politics, religion,... lack of rational and objective criticism is obvious. I guess there are too many emotions driving us in wrong directions sometimes.

Start of the season:
- How could have DL traded Smyth away, look what he has been doing!
- But, but... he requested the trade and he started last season the same and we needed the cap...
- ... no but, he could have persuaded him to stay or at least got better return for him. Bad Lombardi, bad!

Last week:
- (crickets)

Two days ago:
- How could have Lombardi traded for Smyth? He is old and he can't do anything well! And he had huge cap hit! (I'm too lazy to find this post, but it's not made up)
- But, but... we didn't have cap problems and he played well for us. Not to mention his positive influence on other players....
- ... no but! We gave too much for him and we still don't have good solution for that position today! Bad Lombardi, bad!

You do know that Smyth has more points than anyone not named Kopitar from the Kings and would be tied with Richards for the team lead in goals right?

In the end you cant really pin that one on Lombardi as Smyth requested a trade, but there were lots of Kings fans that welcomed the Smyth trade, saying that Gagne was better etc... That clearly isnt the case. Lombardi could be questioned on some things but the Smyth trade shouldnt be one of them. He was over a barrel.

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