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Originally Posted by Born in 1909 View Post
In 2 years about 28 million is freed up... considering this season is mostly over.

That is not so bad.

3 years of high draft picks could be excellent.
Born, Cammalleri is in a huge funk but I think he'll turn it around, or be gone, within weeks. He's not great but he's a proven consistent 30+ goal threat. Gionta is good for around 25 odd goals as well, very inconsistent though.

THere's no reason to think the Habs can't draft high this year and regroup for next season and be a playoff bound team right away.


That looks to me like a pretty slick top 6, if you add in Cammalleri, or Gionta or both to that and move forward looking at next year that's a potentially sick top 9 as well.

Search the UFA bin for some bargain guys looking for one year deals to parlay into multiple year deals (think Malhotra with the Sharks in late Summer 3 years ago) and move into a season next year with some combination of those 6 guys I just listed in the line up and any one of or multiple of Cammalleri, Gomez, Gionta. Solid defence too.

The thing is, unless the cap goes down...there's no cap crunch coming for Montreal next year. They could basically be fine just by not re-signing Kostitsyn and promoting Leblanc or someone of his ilk. It's not a big deal.

The season after Pacio is an RFA (along with Desharnais, and Weber..and who knows hwat happens with Emelin and Diaz) so there will be a crunch there I would think. The habs are fortunate that other than Price no one soon will be up for any big money raises. Even Gorges and Kosty both make a pretty penny already so any adjusting for their raises wouldn't be massive issues.

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