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Sometimes bad picks deserve to fall through the floor in subsequent years. Three MLD 2010 picks have just been taken in the 2011 Single-A draft, and their worth is still questionable.

Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
The Bursa Janissaries are going to select three Russians with our next day of picks..bios still to come but I'll list the pick for now.

The two wingers of Alexander Uvarov's line, who had great chemistry with each other..

LW: Valentin Kuzin and RW: Yuri Krylov

Finally..I'll also take a defenseman..D: Dmitri Ukolov
Two of these three made their ATD sub-board debut last year on papershoes' Soviet-themed Cornwall Royals, a squad I had assassinated as having good, interesting, bad and ugly picks.

Wingers Kuzin and Krylov were among the 'ugly' picks:

Originally Posted by VanIslander
Kuzin on the 3rd line was in one Olympics and two world championships between 1954-56 in a limited international career, apparently run-of-the-mill Soviet of the era, not transcendent in any way.

Krylov was once a Soviet league all star and played both right wing and defense in the 1950s. He might be able to handle Bottom-6 role defensive responsibilities. Or he might not.
Ukolov I'd deemed 'interesting':
Originally Posted by VanIslander
2nd pairing dman Ukolov scored multiple goals at three world championships from the blueline in the 1950s. Sounds like he had offensive skills. More info desired please. Was only once a Soviet league all star, no IIHF all-star selections despite four world championships. Could be a real ugly pick if more info not forthcoming.
I really, really look forward to it when chaosrevolver says "bios still to come". I found nothing more on these guys when I had researched them. I think so many Soviets had been underappreciated (we've come a long way to giving them their due), but average Soviet internationals of the fifties were not great, and any one or two seasons of play in the 1950s Soviet domestic league is not even equivalent to citing today's ECHL in supporting a present day pick. So if a single Soviet league all-star selection from the 50s and three years on the national team is all they've got, they're fool's gold, even at this level, material for the Undrafteds thread or a B-draft or at least the bench as extra skaters.

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