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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
And yet, they only have 1 more point than the Rangers.

The Bruins are a very good, very complete team...but they are vulnerable, don't believe they are not. Take their physicality and shove it right back at them, because the Rangers are a more purely talented team than the Bruins. They're not as big, but they mix physicality and skill just as well, if not better than the Bruins. I'd also tale a healthy Rangers defense over a healthy Boston defense with ease, the Bruins have only 1 legitimate top-pairing defenseman (albeit, quite possibly the best shutdown player in the league, but no one special beyond that, really). The Rangers look to have 3, with another one showing that potential in Del Zotto. Boston has a very balance offense...but they don't have that legitimate gamebreaker. Seguin looks to be becoming one, but he is only 20, and isn't on Richards or Gaborik's level as of now.

Add another 50 point forward to the lineup, and I'd rather the current Rangers than Boston as of now. I am not nearly as enamored with the Bruins as everyone else is. The 07-08 Ottawa Senators had a stretch where they won 15 out of 17. They collapsed. I don't believe the Bruins will collapse, but they'll fall off this wagon eventually.

Do I want to face them in a playoff series? No, they would be by far the hardest test this team has faced in years...but do I think a win against them in 7 games is impossible? Not in the slightest.
Didn't you know, the Bruins are going to go 49-0 the rest of the way...decimating all in their path, and then sweep their way to the Cup.

All shall bow to the greatness of the Bruins and their otherworldly imposing ways.


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