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12-25-2011, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
The big problem is that the Habs were basically collapsing under multiple injuries, and Martin's juggling was basically holding the whole thing together about as well as he could hope to, and the Habs were slowly inching in the standings as a result, ready to get going again when one or two players came off IR.

Then he was fired and replaced by a guy who believes that the best way to help a shorthanded roster is to make it more shorthanded.

The most amazing thing, to me, quite beyond rolling four lines and silly scratchings and this odd Blunden fetish, is how little Cunneyworth seems to be aware of why Martin did what he did. He was right there!

Why would he keep Martin's lines and jumble their roles? It only makes sense to use Moen on the Plekanec line if they're going to be your primary defensive unit. If you are going to give them offensive draws, use Kostitsyn!
I thought you said we were playing great... just unlucky.

Now it's "we were crushed by injuries." Pick whatever excuse you want, the club hasn't been able to score much this year (same as always) and that's why we are where we are. And rather than deal with it the way we should have, we've gone into panic mode. Picking up Thomas Kaberle and now firing the coach and throwing the new guy under the bus.

At what point do you just accept that our club wasn't all that great to begin with?

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