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12-26-2011, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
Beat New York to a bloody pulp (I'm assuming that's what you meant)? When did the Rangers turn into the Canadiens? The Rangers, particularly Lundqvist, have been excellent against the Bruins for years now, including their cup winning year. The Bruins are a great team, but let's not make it seem like the Rangers all of a sudden don't stand a chance.
With Hank we always have a chance...I think it would be greatly enchanced if we added a Clowe type.

The Bruins use a bullying tactic to get what they want...which is more space for their skilled guys...I know the Rangers wont back down but they wouldn't be able to sustain....Krieder and McIlrath are great pieces to help combat that in the near future...if I could some how replace Boyle or Feds spot with Clowe/Backes clone then I think we would compete much sooner rather than later.

When Gabby scored that goal and got whacked in the shoulder(mere inches from his face), I want that dman to know he can never do that again.

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