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11-05-2003, 06:02 AM
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I saw the Montreal feed from Sportsnet Peter or Pierre Lobardias and John Druce. was druce ever on the Habs?

Man alive if Dvorak ever gets one the floodgates are gonna open he was flying on every shift, that line looked great keep them together I thought York and Torres really benefited from Dvorak's play. the #1 line was pretty innefctice I don't like Horcoff with Smyth and Hemsky to me Reasoner is the best center we have right now and I think he should be givin a shot. Yes I know the RPM line is playing well but woudn't it be better to try to jumpstart Hemmer and Smyth? Besides the way Moreau is playing right now you could put anyone with him he has been a force. Salo's best performance in a while and the 2 young guys didn't seem out of place at all.

Tony Salmo really impressed me with the way he goes into traffic to make plays, on the Sarno play he went right to th front of the net tipped a puck to Sarno and then he made a great play knocking a puck down from mid air right to Isbister who got a break away out of it.

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