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12-26-2011, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Or! It could be an entire month of continual failure, both under Martin and now Cunneyworth had made the players feel miserable. Cole's wave came after we beat Carolina, in one of the worst games I have ever seen played, albeit our recent performance hasn't been much better. Cunneyworth has been arguably a weak coach but this team was awful before he signed on to man the ship.

Frankly, I am glad for the mistake because this team is not playoff bound and if the recent trend continues, we can at least mitigate our damages with a legitimate star prospect. Would be nice for once in lieu of mediocrity year in and out.
seriously... team was playing bad before RC took over, and obviously the whole S*** storm around his hiring combined with a 5 game losing streak adds up to a lot of unhappiness in the habs locker room.

mistake wasn't so much firing Martin, as it was replacing him with an anglo interim coach & then both the GM & owner doing nothing but undermine him making it clear that he's just a stop-gap.

that Gauthier/Molson have so poorly handled this mess just compounded an already degenerating situation...

like you, I think this situation actually bodes well for us long term IF molson is bright enough to dump Gauthier, ignore Gainey, and proceed to bring in the kind of excellent leadership our franchise has sorely lacked for far too long.

getting a high pick (if this slide continues), would just be icing on the cake

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