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12-26-2011, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
Fact of the matter is we've hardly seen W2 this year. What we DID see looked better than last year. Folks who are saying "get a 5th for him" have their heads up their *****. He's a talented player. He was even hitting before he got hurt, and he was pretty good at it.

Why the hell am I still hearing Avery's name?

Don't pretend Torts "has a love affair" with EC just to justify Aves not playing. It looks pathetic.

I see two possible line configurations

GAS line
WW B-Rich Cally
Dubi Feds Hags
Rupp Boyle Prust

I know Feds normally plays wing, but we've seen him play center before, and it's not awful.

Alternately, if Dubi TRULY has woken up

GAS line
Dubi B-Rich Cally
Wolski Feds Hags
Rupp Boyle Prust
WW will not see the light of day with this team...he is anti-rangers heart, no defense respondiblity...if you can dump 3.8 million in cap do it.

WW and EC are interchangeable...he cant stay healthy and takes his sweet ass time coming back...Torts is not dumb enough to take anyone out of the lineup for his half ass play...but good try!

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