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12-13-2005, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
Wrong. Colorado was an offensive team. Detroit was an offensive team. Hell, even Jersey, for all of their defensive acumen, was an offensive team. What's the one thing in common that they had that we don't? That's right, secondary scoring. We don't have it. So, say what you want about how you "friggin win" with defensive hockey. Unless you have secondary scoring, you're dead in the water. We have a HUGE opportunity here to develop some much needed and badly desired secondary scoring. Hitch is absolutely unwilling to compromise on that front. So instead, we're stuck with one line that pretty much does all the scoring, with very little input from any of the other lines. But, that doesn't matter because scoring doesn't win, right Jester.......
First of all you haven’t seen this Flyers team healthy so you have no clue if they have secondary scoring. Without Kapanen and Stevenson in the beginning of the year 3d best in PPG. Are you kidding me? No secondary scoring? If PK was good the difference between GA and GF would be amazing.

Wrong….. Colorado Detroit and New Jersey were defensive clubs also, and superb goaltending Roy, Hasek, Broduer, Osgood was very good at some point too. SOme of these goalies stole games and 3 out of 4 goalies stole rounds. We do not have that not yet.
Throughout their stanley cups... they had at some point
Detroit had guys like Fetisov, Konstantinov, Lidstrom, Fisher, Chelios
Colorado had Borquie (spelling) Foote, Blake (do not remember who else)
Devils Stevenson, Daneyko, Malakhov, White, Niedermayer

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
And what's the worst these kids can do? Help lead us to a Cup? I mean, what have we won with Kapanen and all those other guys? Answer it, what he won with Kapanen and everyone else? We've won NOTHING with them. Kapanen hasn't lead us to a Stanley Cup. Primeau hasn't lead us to a Stanley Cup. Brashear hasn't. Stevenson hasn't lead us to one. But, they're the veterans and veterans are what lead the way, right Jester?
You think at this stage Richards and Carter will lead us to Stanley Cup?

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
When healthy, this team is not capable of winning a Stanley Cup. This year is exposing the team for what they decisively lack. They lack secondary scoring. The 2004 playoffs showed that they had secondary scoring.
2004 playoffs Flyers defense was injured. Johnsson played with one hand, no Desjardin, Pitkanen as good as he was still a rookie, Kapanen (you know what? you have a lot of balls to say something bad about this guy), he had a concussion after Tuckers hit played through pain on defense and he is 5’10 185lbs was hammered every time he touched the puck, Ragrasson didn’t he have a broken foot or something 10 days before playoffs, Malakhov took a huge hit from Tucker right in his chest missed one game was also in pain, Timander (o well). Tampa bay…. Played 5 games against NYI won 4:1, played 4 games against Montreal 4:0 total 9 games both rounds against soft teams healthy all year.

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
I read about how Carter is actually ahead of Ovechkin in terms of points per ice time. What if Carter was getting the same ice time as Ovechkin? What if Carter was getting the same ice time as Crosby? There was our big chance to develop that game breaking threat who could have been the secondary scoring we needed. But, 11 minutes a night is alright because he needs to "learn" the NHL game. Christ sakes Jester, these kids have been playing hockey all their damn lives. And you may discredit their time in the AHL as not being pro hockey, but it's the exact damn system that Hitch uses with the Flyers that they use with the Phantoms. And look what Richards and Carter did. They dominated. And they can't do this with the Flyers because they need to "learn to play in the NHL"? Come on Jester, take the blinds off. These are deeply talented players we have and we can't justify giving them more ice time because they need to adjust? That's a crock and you know it.
Carter and Richards or Umberger are not in the same class as Nash Ovechkin Crosby and Malkin… You can not compare them. They will not develop faster. No way. It will take time. There is a good reason why guys like Ovechkin and not Carter were taken 1st over all because they can play right away on high level and produce.

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
I could care less that Hitch won a Stanley Cup with Dallas. He hasn't won a Stanley Cup with an even more talented Flyers team than what he had in Dallas. And that is what should matter.
Think of a better coach then. I mean every time you here you post something negative about Hitch. Well, what head coach in your opinion would coach this Flyers team and did a better job. Bowman? Tell me genius.

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