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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
So I was thinking about what I can do over spring break this year and I was looking at some hockey schedules. I want to go to the Stars/Wild game on the 13th of March, I get a student discount on tickets and can sit in the lower section with good seats for just $35 a ticket. Not bad.

So then I think, hey, the Jets are new to the NHL! And they'd only be like an 8 hour drive! I could go over spring break!

I meander over to their website and find that they have a game on the 14th of March, against the Stars! Perfect, I'll be able to see those guys get beat twice, live, in two nights. So I go to check ticket prices and find that all tickets are run through a lottery, and you're not even guaranteed to get two seats next to eachother, if you get tickets at all.

What a ****ing joke. How can they run their games like this? That's an embarrassment if I've ever seen one. I don't understand how they can do something like this and possibly hope to succeed.
Easy - think Wild year 1. The MTS Centre is a 15,000 seat stadium, the Jets are new and there are 13,000 season ticket holders so the single-game demand is high.

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