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11-05-2003, 07:47 AM
Face Wash
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Well, I'm no stranger to descenting opinions, but first...

I never read Plaschke... I think he's one step below TJ Simers on the Magnanomous ***** scale, and I'm not saying he's right or wrong here. I do believe that when taken into consideration his "PAST CRIMINAL RECORD" (or lack thereof) which obviously the District Attorney and Judge did when they both AGREED to this very light sentence, the Kings were not wrong to do the same in the case of professional punishment.

However, my descent is that I WISH the Kings would make a statement to the professional athletes on their team and others by saying "we're not going to tolerate the lack of professionalism on or off the ice. Ultimately it will cost your place in our city and on our team"

I said all along that if convicted, I never want to see him in a Kings' uniform again and that I'd have a hard time rooting for him if this was the case (I feel the same way about Kobe, BTW). In fact, I'd have a hard time not booing the guy at games, because frankly, I don't want convicted felons on my teams... and I can't even imagine why the Kings would want one, irregardless of their current personnel/injury situation.

Considering the sentence he got, 3 games off without pay was in line with that. But I think the Kings should remove him from the team via trade if at all possible.

Fans spend too much time booing the likes of Rob Blake, trying to make him feel uncomfortable when a guy like Joe Corvo should never be made to feel comfortable in LA by the fans IMO. I'd like to think the fans have higher standards than to support a guy who has felonious anger issues, no matter his lack of a criminal record. Honestly, how do you cheer for Joe Corvo after a goal or a big hit, then turn around and talk to your kid about why what he did was wrong?

The nature of his crime and what I perceive personally as a rather cheesy recent public statement/apology have lead me to this opinion. I agree with the punishment based on what the courts gave him, but The Kings need to send a message and get rid of this guy.

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