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12-26-2011, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by pekkaslap View Post
I mean if I look at it logically from both their points of view. Those 2 guys are the team let's face it. If they're both playing together at the same time, at a high level the Preds a a decent to pretty good team. Without one of them we're mediocre to bad, without both we're a horrible, bottom dwelling team. So if the team can't/won't bring in the forwards talent necessary to compete for the cup along with signing both these guys, why would they sign? It seems like a bit of a crap sandwich, perpetually banging our head against a brick wall of mediocrity, but that's the way it seems it's going to be. Constantly seeing a revolving door of talent coming in for a few years then leaving. Such is life as a Preds fan I guess, lol. Oh well, I still love this team.
I'm gonna wait till the whole situation pans out before passing judgement. I agree on your points though.. they are our team pretty much right now .. but poile may get them some help, we dont know yet. this coming summer will be the biggest one ever for the preds (heard that before).. and if/when it becomes obvious we will lose them, I will be very disappointed and assume major changes will be on the horizon.

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