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12-26-2011, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
WW will not see the light of day with this team...he is anti-rangers heart, no defense respondiblity...if you can dump 3.8 million in cap do it.

WW and EC are interchangeable...he cant stay healthy and takes his sweet ass time coming back...Torts is not dumb enough to take anyone out of the lineup for his half ass play...but good try!
This is just foolish. Wolski was looking and playing well before he got injured. He's larger, stronger, faster, and better than Christensen in nearly every aspect of the game. It legitimately looked like he had bought into the system, and was playing the Rangers sort of game. If he can grind, forecheck, and cycle, it's downright FOOLISH not to use him. He's not the ideal player. But he's one of our more talented players, and to not even let him get a shot at an offense that can honestly use another 25 goal scorer is a mistake I don't think Torts is looking to make.

As for all the hate Christensen gets, what the **** guys? He's a young guy who has all the skill, but has never, and probably won't be able to put it together, signed for less than 1m, and was able to go out there last season and with the help of Zucc and Wolski (neither of which are playing with the team at the moment, interestingly) help put this team into the playoffs.

Most of us hate the shootout. We think it's fun as all hell, but it should never decide the distribution of points within the league. That said, it's presently a fact of the game. Right now, this team doesn't need to worry about the shootout, we're winning games in regulation. Last season, we needed to win ALL of those games. We needed Christensen, or Wolski, or Zucc to score EVERY shootout goal they did. I understand that we don't want him playing with the Rangers. I see no reason not to put him in Hartford, let him collect his paycheck, and god forbid we lose a center or two, we have a plug who has NHL experience.

I understand hating a player for being cheap, dirty, or embarrassing to the team. I understand if you think a player is being lazy, because they're not as fast, or skilled, or down right as good as they need to be to be effective. But these are NHL players. They do what we all wish we could do. To assume that they're just lazy and heartless without seeing anything but how they play the game is presumptuous and unfounded.

I'm not a Wolski fan. It looked like Torts lit his ass on fire and told him to skate as hard as he could to put it out. Then he got injured. Lets see if he comes back with that fire again.


p.s. I don't know where that came from. I'm sure you're all wonderful people.

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