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11-05-2003, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Walsher
To me this was the only way to give everyone the opportunity to win. I recall last years playoffs when I, arguably the most intense fan around, almost didn't get seats because a loser scalper paid a kid in front of me 20 bucks to have his position in line (remember the line was formed through drawing numbers). The scalper then proceeded to pick and chose tickets wasting time and selling out the building. He then turned around and sold his tickets at a 400% markup to people in line behind me. The Heritage Classic is an absolutely incredible display of the game we all love and is hockey at its purest. Don't lecture to me about fair and unfair. True fans will find their tickets. Maybe thats just me being closed minded because I have tickets but thats how I feel. THeir are numerous draws, contests, everywhere. This is a publicity stunt of a lifetime. The money generated may help the Oilers break even for the first time in a long time.
Walsher, did you read the orginal article that started this contoversey? Here is the link again.

The point of this defense of oilflash's position was to point out that tickets are being given away when they could have been included in the draw. And considering 60,000+ tickets is alot of tickets and the Oilers' organization still manages to disappoint huge numbers of home fans seems like a marketing FUBAR to me. Where the hell did all those tickets go? Too many free-loading bums will warm the seats in Common vs. Wealth on November 22d.

I am so sick of the Elitism that somehow manages to displace real fans. The OAC and the stanch that surrounds the Olympics when ordinary fans try to buy seats comes to mind. When 90% of the best seating to the finals of the best events are already blocked reserved by the Cronies of the Olympics Organizing Committee people like myself can't take my granddaughter to the most exciting events. The Olympic motto is "Citius, Altius, Fortius" to these three Latin words which mean "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" might not we add "Fortunatus" or "Richer"?

So as the result of all this cogitation while driving home, and arriving just at the end of the 1st period last night. I thought long and hard about spending that $11.00 for the Pay Per View feed. This ticket give-away issue was the reason why. How many of occupants of the freebee seats at the Heritage Classic (except actual season ticket holders - perhaps) would be directly financially supporting the Oilers last night I wondered? My guess was not too many. As an ex-season tickets holder I still go to as many games at Skyreach as I can, picking up tickets when and where I can. Yes, I'm still trying too win that prize package on or before November 18th to get tickets to the Heritage Classic.

Being a Dyed-in-the-Wool, Copper-in-the-Blood, and True-Blue, as in the limitless skies of my optimism that the 'Oil' will again bring home Stanley, yes, I'll always be there to support my team. But that loyalty is the result of 30+ year of being an Oilers' fan and the outgrowth of being an Oilkings fan first. Being older I witnessed the Glory years some them from inside the then Northlands. Creating & developing new fan loyalty and solidifying the existing fan base loyalty aught to have been the focus of the Heritage Classic and it wasn't. Someone dropped the puck but forgot to ice a winner for the hometown fan base.

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