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12-27-2011, 03:01 AM
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I answer this question with another one: Why not?

Is there any reason to believe we cannot compete for the cup this season? We've shown we can hang with the best teams in the league, have a top goalie and one of the better defenses in the NHL WITH our injuries currently. A healthy Staal and Sauer will go a long way to getting the Cup.

Why are people making Boston out to be some kind of a Holy Grail of Hockey. Less than one year ago, they were chokers that could never put it together, yet they are considered to be a "Juggernaut" of a team as constructed.

Why not this team? I'm tired of hearing people saying that this team is great and we're not on that level until we play them. Why isn't it the other way around? Why shouldn't the other team be considered a poser if they lose to us?

We'll play Boston soon enough, and I think they have more to worry about from us than we have to worry about from them. I find Boston as a great physical team, but I believe our natural talent (Gaborik, Richards, Stepan) is great than theirs. Seguin is the only player on that team that I fear. He has the ability on offense to be dynamic. The rest, not so much. Their D is good, but we've seen better I believe and beaten better. Thomas is good as well, but as we saw last time these teams played, he can be very streaky.

Why not this team? I think all the parts are in place when healthy. Maybe acquire another forward for scoring depth, but that's about it. This team has the horses to make a run at the cup.

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