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12-13-2005, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester
i would love to have Markov here, but he talked his own a$$ out of town when he stood up in the players meeting and said he'd never sign another contract in the NHL... who knows if he will follow up on that threat, or if it was just BS that got circulated, but to get something for him was a good move.

also, the smoking/drinking that Markov is known for is another reason why he's been dealt a few times in his career now. he's not a safe investment.
I thought Markov talked his way out of town because he said he was going to try to collect his salary through the strike due to injury. I know that he was playing with two broken feet in the playoffs (he seems to have problems with bones breaking rather easily in his feet) and that they still hadn't healed completely at the time of the start of the strike season. I do remember though that he said he'd never sign another NHL contract once this was done because he could get more money in Russia. I think it was proven to be a rumour though.

The part that's really disturbing about Markov is the drinking. It's followed him from Toronto, to Phoenix, to Carolina, etc.....I even hate to bring it up, but it's like Pelle Lindberg. Pelle liked fast cars, but he liked the booze as well. I'd really hate for Danny to possibly end up like Pelle, but you can only do so much for these guys. Who knows, maybe it is a good idea for Danny to go back to Russia once his contract his done. All what I know is that the guy was a warrior for us in the playoffs and if any our defensemen have an iota of what he had when the playoffs come around, our backend should be a nightmare to play against.

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