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12-27-2011, 03:58 AM
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Originally Posted by BringTheReign View Post
What's the situation with both Moller and Holloway, since so many have brought them up. I know they both bolted across the pond, but are they completely out of being resigned or what?
Pretty much yes they are completely out of the picture this year. Even if both got released and signe NHL contracts they would have to clear waivers to return this year. Too bad since both would have been 3rd liners on the current team for sure. Bad decision by both, IMO.

Originally Posted by BringTheReign View Post
Are their contracts with their respective European teams only for one season? Holloway's performance is impressive.
Yes his contract is one year, but Holloway and the Kings were not on the same terms when he left. The Kings felt he could compete for a bottom 6 role this year and were not impressed with him leaving. Whether they will welcome him back is still not certain.

Awesome that the Kings finally exploded for 4 goals!!!! Wooo It is so sad that 4 goals causes this reaction but still . Hopefully the Kings start to right the ship...of course the next game will have me in attendance in Winnipeg with completely divided loyalties, I still have no idea who to cheer for...

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