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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
You are slowly becoming my favourite writer on this board.

For the OP, the above by SgtJoseph is great advice, because it optimizes your body type without changing who you are. Getting healthier and stronger is great; trying to remake your slim body into a bulky magazine image is an impossible journey, and will leave you feeling frustrated and with a flabby stomach. I was built like you. Trust me, weight will come on its own. The best thing you can do is eat well and focus on staying cut without bulking up.
Originally Posted by s3x View Post
This is simply not true and some of the worst support/advice I've ever heard. Am I suggesting that one should strive for this? Absolutely not. But whatever one can imagine, within certain limitations of physics and genetics, can be achieved if one is focused and dedicated enough.
when you do it correctly, eat healthy, and switch your routine to prevent muscle memory you can obtain a desired build.

what you can not control is genetics. biggest example is abs. some people can not obtain a perfect 6 pack look because the inherited muscle formation is different from another person.

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