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PB Sammiches

oh and the ketone advice is good too I guess.

I just lift weights and eat lots of protein (tuna is great), whey protein shakes will help you as well. I have the opposite problem, i'm more of a stalkier build so i'd go with what Sgt Joseph said. Just get into good eating habits, get lots of cardio. For a toned build, you'd likely want to lift smaller weights but increased reps...if you want to get real big, you will have to increase the weights (thus, less reps). Make sure you take at least a day off per week, I ****ed up my arm by continous lifting and it set me back. (thus getting chub back)

A lot of bigger guys I know have 0 endurance, you can get huge and have short breath and probably be relatively unhealthy in some respects. Supposedly even women were polled wanting the "professional swimmer" look.

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