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12-27-2011, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
Frankly, I don't think that another dman is going to make all that much difference if the forwards continue to play as horrid as they have.

the red wings played as a 5 man unit, we look like a scrambling bunch of nothingness for the most part. i don't know how many times i saw NO forward in front of the net.

you can't beat a good goalie if he can see everything.

and how many times a forward passed a weak or "no look" pass to a red wing player.

imo, almost every "inexperienced" forward is playing better than the experienced forwards. (geoffion needs to go back to milwaukee, he's the exception)
the rest of our experienced forwards....not enough hustle, follow thru, everything...

i think most of our d looked fine for the situation they were in..... i had to smile when i saw ellis take on holmstrom and not get pushed around. suter looked a little stressed, but still had the effort.

our lines are very stagnant and need to be shaken up.

i have to wonder what is going on in the locker room we have too many quiet "leaders" that aren't leading anything on the ice right now , also.

we were outcoached and outplayed....
Im starting to wonder if this isnt the problem with this team.

Something just isnt right, nobody seems to be playing with any heart, and I have to think Weber's dicking around with his contract and Suters seeming reluctance to sign has sapped their ability to act as leaders in the locker room... I can certainly see someone saying to them "how can you call my commitment into question when yours is clearly questionable?"

Wishing now we'd made Legwand the "C"....

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