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12-27-2011, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Meh, the french rule did almost nothing for the habs (unless you meant something else by favourable treatment, in which case do explain). Réjean Houle, I believe, is the best player the habs ever got out of it. Farm systems and money is what made the habs what they were. Bruins got Bobby Orr when he was like 11 or something and quickly bought his rights. We had more access to one of the deepest pool of player in the world in Québec so that helped us. But the rule itself did almost nothing.
I meant to say that, from what I understand, before there was an amateur draft put in place, because it was easier for them to pick from the local pool, by creating local farm systems, on top of having territorial rights (50 mile radius from the arena) it was easy to create a strong sense of pride and belonging for the Montrealers, with this team that was historically built for the French-Canadian market, something that is increasingly difficult today. That doesn't have to do with the French rule though. It was a proactive move to ensure they would get easier access to local talent.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Funny thing is.. if the habs went for francophone players at every turn and anytime they can, we'd be a much much much better team now. We'd have grabbed a guy like Brière on waivers, signed St-Louis, kept Ribeiro, and could possibly have drafted the likes of Perron, Bergeron and Giroux. There is still a place for the habs to go back to what they were. I've seen Serge Savard make that point multiple times. There are still decent Québec born hockey players out there. I find it inexcusable that we only have one amateur scout for the LHJMQ and that his voice has no weight when it comes to drafting players (a rumor). Good Québec born players and francophones playing in the Q should never fall to other teams in the 2nd round or late first if we can pick them first unless we're convinced the player is average and a real gem is available instead. But then again, we don't need francophone players, or even a franco GM, heck maybe we don't need a franco coach. But we damn well better ****ing win. Remove the french players, remove the french coach, and keep losing while playing a boring style ? That's not gonna go over well.
There cannot be a linear approach to this. I'm not convinced Ribeiro becomes the player he now is if he's not forcefully kicked in the butt and taken out of his comfort zone. Danny Brière couldn't give a rat's ass about this team and its insane fans as proven when he got to UFA status. And when it comes to trading, other teams see us coming a mile away, putting us at risk of getting fleeced.

The only thing on this front I criticize the Habs for is not having enough full time scouts for the Quebec territory. We should have more than anyone, we should spend a ridiculous amount of time evaluating the local pool, that means our head scout as well, it should become a priority, there is no logical explaination for not doing so.

But when every team passes on Patrice Bergeron, it's not because nobody saw him play, it's because nobody thinks he'll amount to much (relatively speaking). And when the Habs pass on David Perron, it's because they think Pacioretty's going to be the better player, which should always be the priority at the draft. We cannot use the excuse of not having seen a local talent enough to properly evaluate him, however, we need to understand every other team has the same access to those players in the end.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
That's speculation at best. The thing is, a lot of this falls on Gainey anyway because IF, as you say, he indeed was that honorable and took all the blame on himself... then why did he pick a replacement that was half the man he is when Yzerman was available ? Clearly, language doesn't matter anymore so why not Yzerman then ? Why did he pick the guy who would let others take the blame. Did he think that was behavior worthy of the Canadiens GM ? That such despicable character traits would make PG a suitable candidate for the job ?
It is speculation I'll give you that, but based on Gainey's character, which scenario has the most weight? Him f***ing us over and bailing out, or making it easier on his protege to buy a bit of time? The reason he chose him, is probably that he held him in higher regard than we do. He might be a good manager, he might even be a good person, he's just dreadful on the PR front, and that was my whole point. He doesn't inspire confidence. A guy who isn't PR savvy cannot lead this franchise for very long because he's going to be eaten alive as soon as he trips, which is exactly what happened recently. And you cannot manage an organization with zero breathing room, nobody can, every GM out there makes mistakes, it's over the long run you can evaluate the progress, not on a move by move basis. But a guy like Pierre Gauther, hated by every journalist in town, not connecting with his fanbase, he'll barely pass the starting line before getting the boot. I clearly mentioned that it's not about who he is, it's about who he appears to be. PR is everything in this city.

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