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12-27-2011, 11:28 AM
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I hope David Courtney is okay. On the telecast, Bob said "flu like symptoms" for him.

Good game. It's funny to see this team a little scramble-y on D, but much better on O. I loved watching the back and forth play with rushes from both sides.

IMO, Williams played a LOT better, except for the one shift he fell down 3 times with no one around. I'm assuming his skate lost its edge or something.

I love to see Sutter talk to the players on the bench. It's awesome!

Quick didn't look great (but man was that one save from across awesome in the 3rd!), but the team finally won one for him. It's about time.

I figured someone was hurt, but sadly couldn't figure out who, because Gagne has been invisible anyway. Right before the Brown goal, I was like WTF? Fraser is on the 1st line, then he causes the turnover and we score. I really like Fraser (though he shouldn't be on the first line)!

Jack may have been a plus this game, but he didn't have a very good game. If you're going to take a penalty when a guy has a step on you, you make sure he CAN'T score. That was terrible. He looked lost most game IMO.

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