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12-27-2011, 12:57 PM
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sticks vary from line to line within each brand in itself but IMO the leader in innovation is Easton and Bauer

From a durability standpoint I think Easton is maybe the best... but it could be just sheer popularity

however, I've heard the least complaints about Easton blades getting soft, and how many of you guys still see origional synergy's or its varients (SE/Elite/SL and old ST) still out there?

I think since Bauer's One95... they've created as good of a top end stick as Easton has.

Easton however has so many varients, but I have to say that the blade feel, balance and kick point of most of mid to high end "low kick point" sticks are what I'm most comfortable with.
I've used the S11, ST, S19, S17 and will give the new RS a go, but all have been good performing sticks... that being said the S17 I've heard is questionable in durability.

The Bauer's TotalOne is an amazing stick with again alot of techology behind it, as with the new APX series replacing the X:60.

The only Warrior I like is the Dolomite, but I've seen so many of them just detonate, that I'm apprehensive of buying one. Also, though the sticks are montreal, which was awesome, they aren't quite keeping up with the rest of the industry IMO.
The AK27 is a mid-kick point stick, which I know loads up well... but its kinda heavy and I'd only buy the shaft as the blade on the OPS is kinda wonky feeling to me.

Sherwood on the other hand, makes a solid stick.. and the T90 is a favorite especially while concidering its price.
I also liked the TPS R8, but I don't think they are even being made these days.

Thing is, I just can't rationalize spending 3 bills on the latest stick... most I'll spend is $130

but I've seen these go for well under that:

X60 ($159)
Easton S14
Easton S19/S17
Easton ST
Warrior Hitman (light but I don't know how good)
Easton SE16
Sherwood T90

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