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12-27-2011, 01:07 PM
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Well there are new Warriors you haven't tried:

Widow/Diablo - very low kick stick with the dagger tapper
Dynasty - different stiffness on walls from front to back

Also the Dolomite and AK27 had different blade designs in 2008, 2009 (HD), and 2010-11 (DD). The original blade was a tank but had crap feel, the HD had great feel but crap durability, and the DD was somewhere between the two.

The new Warriors seem to have really good puck feel and durability, a lot like Bauer blades nowadays.

I think Easton must have reinforced the original Synergy sticks a lot because they thought if they broke easily nobody would keep buying them. That stick became the ST, which is a lot heavier and more durable than most sticks today.

As for their blades, they do seem to chip and go soft earlier than any other brand I've used.

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