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Jagr's interview to Sovetskiy Sport (12/26/2011)

I offer you the NHL relevant excerpts from Jagr’s interview to Sovetskiy Sport (12/26/2011).

The interview was given in Russian after the game in NYC, and I tried to keep the translation as close to the original as possible
By A. Volbidaht

I call Bryzgalov: “Mr. Universe”

Q: Do you call Bryzgalov Mr. Universe?
A: Do you watch 24/7 show on HBO? Bryz reasoned there that the Earth is very small and all our troubles are minuscule on the Universe scale. I have not seen the show yet. But everyone calls Bryz that way, and so do I.
Q: Have you met a funnier goalie in your career?
A: I am glad that Bryz is always joyful. But generally, everyone in the locker room is.
Q: Bryzgalov joined you for breakfast in the second episode, but you left. Why?
A: He is always being followed by a camera man. I did not want to be on the camera- laughs Jagr
Q: What if you share a hotel room with Brysgalov….
A: I would not! And I am NHL veteran; by league’s rules after playing 600 games, I have earned a right to a single room.
Q: But Datsyuk shared a room with him during Olympic Games.
A: I would not! I would demand a trade to another team.- laughs.


Q: What to do with concussion epidemic in the NHL?
A: Hockey has become very fast, the players are very strong. They have to punish offenders more seriously. If you caused concussion- large fine and significant DQ; so that they would think twice.
Q: Would NHL ever agree to switch to larger rinks?
A: The league will never do it!

After the NHL I will go to Czech Republic

Q: How are you able to manage your team in Kladno?
A: I manage; happy they have been playing better this season.
Q: Is there a possibility that you will return to play in Russia?
A: I do not think so. I would like to finish my NHL career and then return to Czech. Will play there for a while. I will make my decision after the season.
Q: What would you wish yourself for Christmas?
A: Most importantly- health.
Q: What are you biggest impressions of 2011
A: Flyers. I enjoy playing for this team.

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