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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
Not true on either account.

Field Turf is an amazing product. It looks great, feels great and plays great for football, perhaps not for soccer although it's use in soccer is growing each year.

And there have already been WC events on field turf. It may not be the prefered surface but i'm much more concerned about the Titans continued use of the field than any potential WC events.
It is very true... Actually, less than 18% of NFL players choose the Field Turf over real grass. Football and Soccer players alike have been quoted saying that Field Turf is a lot tougher on their bodies. It literally cuts people's careers short. Why would you want to cut a guy's career (that is already between 4-10 years) shorter than it already is?

“The ball bounces different on the artificial stuff, the passes run a lot faster, it’s more difficult to cut and change direction, and it generally makes your body a bit more sore than if you were to play on grass,” said the Chivas USA striker Alecko Eskandarian.

Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey on Tuesday said no changes are planned (too change to Field Turf) for a very important reason.

"It's not a money issue on the turf," McCaskey said on "The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show" on ESPN 1000. "It's at this point, primarily it's a safety issue."

"...the studies that we have looked at have shown a higher incidence of lower leg injuries among players on artificial turf. And we want to prolong careers. We want our players to be safe. We want our investment in the players to be protected and the state of artificial turf or an infield surface is such now that we think the safest surface for our players is natural grass."

The NFL Injury and Safety Panel reported considerably higher incidences of knee and ankle injuries on infilled synthetic turf than on grass. Currently, only an abstract from this study has been released and the full study has yet to appear in a scientific journal. When and if that study becomes available, it will be interesting to compare the complete data set with the other studies that found no difference in injury risk.


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