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12-27-2011, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
With goalie above .93 SV% any coach will sail this ship. Everyone just love an a-whole turning positive all of the sudden, hockey or not. Instead of Jack Adams I'd give him a Jackass award.
Has it occurred to you that he hasn't changed at all and whats actually happened is that people have begun to see him as a real person thanks to 24/7 and are realizing that he's not just the childish caricature that they always assumed him to be? I don't think he's gone from an a-hole to a positive person - people have just realized that he's a real human and that stupid labels like "a-hole" don't accurately sum up his personality.

Aside from that, personality change isn't why people are talking him up, its because the team that he runs is playing incredible hockey.

Lastly, it's really ironic that you're talking about other people judging him positively based on personality traits rather than performance while at the very same time you're harping on his personality and the parts of it that you don't like instead of giving him credit for running a very successful hockey team. The record doesn't lie. He's coaching this team very, very well and no amount of soft, mopey pessimism changes that.

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