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11-05-2003, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by tnrocketman
Couple of observations.
1. What difference does it make what style a player is-- whether he is a grinder, sniper, high skill, etc. is irrelevant to whether a slash with intent to injure occurred. THAT is what I think is ruining the NHL-- inconsistent officiating, letting some more established player get away with diving, cross-checking, etc. as opposed to calling infractions consistently regardless of who the player is.
2. Anybody that thinks a suspension would encourage clubs to send more game tapes protesting calls is nuts. They all do it quite frequently enough without encouragement.
3. When intent to injure is completely clear and well established, a player should be suspended for the entire length of the injured player's absence PLUS additional games. That would keep players from malicious misuse of their sticks, etc.
4. Officials need to be penalized also if they clearly witnessed the incident in question and did not call a penalty.

I fully expect to be flamed. Those are my opinions on how to handle the situations, however unlikely they are in the real world.
I think your calls are just. I have two concerns...

Our rules are based on precedent. If the NHL calls this one, but then denies the next incident of similar type, then they open up a huge can of worms.

second slashing has been in this sport for longer than most who post here have been alive. Now all the sudden the NHL is going to do soething about the so-called harmless slashes?

I respect everyones opinions on this. I will never tell someone else what they should believe, but can't you all see the ramifications?

I am all for getting slashing out of the game, but suspending players is not the way. Cost teams games with penalties... that will start to make a bigger impact.

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