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12-27-2011, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
Jagr will retire
Really? You sure?

Originally Posted by rban View Post
Read and Talbot overperformed early this season and are not Top 6 material
Talbot is a fourth line PKer with the ability to fill in wherever necessary in times on injury. No one ever thought of him as anything more than that. He's awesome for what he is, but that's all.

And Read is a top NINE winger, not a top SIX winger. Top 6 on a good day? Yeah, but he's basically our Scottie Upshall; forechecks, brings a bit of sandpaper despite size, has tons of speed, enough skill to get by, and he's solid defensively. No problems there. Oh, he's also cheap.

Originally Posted by rban View Post
Voracek is also not Top 6 material, tho Simmonds may be
Voracek >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Simmonds

Sorry. Voracek is a top 6 winger. Simmonds is a top 9 winger. Remember how I recently made that distinction? Simmonds could get better in years to come and cross into being a top 6 winger, but for now he's not. Voracek is.

Originally Posted by rban View Post
There are question marks re JVR
Injury question marks? Yes.
Question marks about his ability to reach his potential down the road? No. I have no doubts about JVR's future within this organization and the kind of numbers he's going to put up. If you have doubts that's your own fault.

Originally Posted by rban View Post
Schenn and Couturier are still too young and need a few years to develop into real talent
Couturier, if given more ice time in offensive roles, will surprise you. I contend that he's ready even if Laviolette is playing it safe.

Schenn needs healthy time on the roster. Dude is the most unlikely player I've seen in forever.

Originally Posted by rban View Post
SO who will Philly have left that are GUARANTEED star Top 6 material?
Voracek, JVR, Hartnell, Giroux, and Briere are already there. That's 5. Jagr makes 6.

Simmonds on the border.

Read can move around the lineup.

Couturier and Schenn are possibilities as well as soon as they get accustomed to the game.

Theoretically, if Schenn and Couturier are ready next year, assuming we don't re-sign Jagr we have 7.5 top 6 forwards plus Read (0.5 being Simmonds).

Originally Posted by rban View Post
An ageing Briere, Giroux and Hartnell. A 'maybe' JVR and Simmonds.

That's not a Top 6. That's a Top 3.

Do you know what happens to one line teams in the POs?
No offense, but your list blows. It's not even accurate.

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