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12-27-2011, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Geez, we have some really jaded Islander's fans here. For Christ's sake, Strome had 4 points in his first EVER WJC game, what else do you want ? A 10 point game ? It's not like he did this against Denmark, I was quite surprised Canada was able to blow out Finland so easily, Finland usually has a good team.

Listen, by the way some of you guys were describing Strome's pre tournament play, he was the worst draft pick ever. He goes out and scores 4 points in his first ever WJC game, and some of you guys act like he scored 0 points and was a -4.

One thing I noticed about the game, he wasn't getting a lot of ice time, caused a penalty and didn't even to play on the ensuing PP.

Overall, I'm very pleased, for some prospects, 1 goal 3 assists 4 points, is their total for the tournament, pretty good for one game.
WJCs are not some magic window into the future of a prospect. Many prospects who look incredible in this tournament wind up nothing special in the NHL. It can in fact jade a GM to the point they do something stupid, like the obsession Milbury developed with Rick because of his Beanpot Tournament play, or Nino's over-valuation due to his standing out during the WJC on a mostly vanilla Suisse squad.

I love the games and watch them where I can, but this is the last thing I am going to make a critical prediction off of.

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