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12-27-2011, 08:56 PM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by BobbyG View Post
If you see the Bruins as a cup contender and not the Habs we have radically different views. I'm hardly scared of a playoff matchup against them.

Upgrade at center?

Plekanec, Eller,DD, Gomez, Leblanc , Noek

Bigger on D?
First of all I see a strong D as good skaters and puck movers but, Subban and Gorges while not huge, they both play hard and are rarely overpowered. Gill and Emelin are both huge. Markov and Kaberle do not need size to be effective
you're right we have radically different views. bruins goals for / against at this point is up their with pens of 90's.
they are simply railroading the league. they have enough size and depth to win 5 rounds if necessary. they already won a cup and are on their way again. they have size at center, meanness on the wings and on D and they can score.

our top 2 centers are soft and tiny and while good skaters are mostly over-matched on the road and certainly in a 7 game series vs big teams. if and i say if - Eller somehow grows up quick than that is an advantage...
our D while mobile gets pounded down low, allows our goalie to get run and most of all can't clear the crease. if Gill played like chara we could talk...emelin is a start...guys like kaberle, campoli, weber, gill, need to be replaced so guys like diaz and subban can have more space

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