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Originally Posted by 4th Line Grinder View Post
Gotta agree, who cares how he comes off. As long as the players buy into his system, and play hard and win, that's all that matters. For a team that's won one championship in 70 plus years, Torts is one of the better coaches we've had in this time period.

Thanks for the heads up! I will never understand the groundswell of hatred for a coach who won't tolerate not playing hard, mental mistakes and who has done far and away the best job developing and indoctrinating young talent into the lineup since 08. Some of the fans/posters can't stand the fact that Torts refuses to wax poetic and put a positive spin on every freakin loss
(which nowadays aren't too many thank God!)the team gets especially when they don't play well. I don't give a rat's *** that Torts refuses to play kissy face with all the members of media after a tough loss. If you were coaching a team and you had to field nonsensical repetitive dribble from a burnt out old fool like Stannie "Claus" Fischler, how the heck would some of these politically correct fans/posters react?? Kiss his tuchis the way Tom Renny used to? Give me a break already. You can't make this **** up!

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