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12-27-2011, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by FlaPnthrsPunk View Post
Correct. I wasn't able to and glad I didn't. Once I saw the score later on last Friday night, I didn't bother to watch the highlights. I'm assuming that it was the complete opposite of tonight?

Ok, I'll withdraw my statement there. Maybe give Madden a try if he'll be such an asset on the PK.
I'm same as you. I was out for Christmas drinks with friends at the bar, drunk, and saw the score. Continued to get much, MUCH more drunk. Almost got in a scrap because Leaf fans were lipping the me about the score, and a Bruins fan of all people got me settled down, basically by saying "it's just one game".

I'd be OK with the signing. Sounds like guys are close to coming back, so don't really see the need, especially with so many of our call-ups playing real good right now (I'm not talking about you Dadanov)

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