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12-27-2011, 11:15 PM
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Part of the redo from community club to senior centre/CC included the removal of one of the hockey rinks (seniors don't play hockey) so now there are only two hockey rinks (one now), that along with the elimination of rinks at Kelvin did a lot for area youth.

The redo at Bronx makes it a hundred times better in all ways. There was always two hockey rinks and a pleasure rink (same as now).Because the baseball diamond was eliminated the pleasure rink is bigger than ever. The two rinks at Kelvin are still there and were extensively renovated last summer. The city is allotting a big whack of money to Kelvin to revamp it and the two existing changehouses and are currently holding a series of meetings in the area to discuss what local folks want to see done there to make it even better. The ice resurfacer on the tractor at Kelvin was just replaced with a new one this December. Good things are happening here thanks to volunteers and the City of Winnipeg. Not one thing you wrote is correct. I think a negative rant is better placed elsewhere.

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