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12-28-2011, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by AK46Awesome View Post
Bubble team that finished 1st in the East
That same club missed the playoffs the season before and made the last playoff spot on a tiebreaker the very next year.

Yeah, we had a great season that one year. Other than that we've been a bubble team.
Originally Posted by AK46Awesome View Post
and made it so ECF (2 different years) since the lockout...
That club shouldn't have made it to the playoffs to begin with. 88 points and then Ken Dryden like goaltending got us past the first round. That club wasn't going anywhere either.

And it's pathetic that a 3rd round loss has become something to be excited about now.
Originally Posted by AK46Awesome View Post
If Habs were healthy I know they would be top 5 in the East considering the parity this year.
But we're not healthy. And if you're referring to Markov, we probably won't ever will be. You're using a tired and overplayed excuse.

If you're referring to Gomez... we're probably better off without him as he's now been outscored by Cam Ward going back to last February.
Originally Posted by AK46Awesome View Post
Haters gonna hate I guess , why do you post on here?
Why do you? Is it to sing Koombaya?
Originally Posted by AK46Awesome View Post
All I ever see are negative comments and justifications about why we suck and why some other random person would magically do a better job while completely ignoring facts that shouldn't be used as excuses but are still true.
It's not all negative. We aren't terrible and I've never said we were. I've said we're mediocre and I've been right most of the time for a long time now. I don't think the playoffs are an impossibility this year either. I just think we'd be better off actually doing something to build a winner instead of wasting our time with patchwork fixes to get us to 8th place.

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