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Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
Any fan who says the Islanders are 'just another team' obviously did not have to endure the crap some of us were lucky enough to be around for...

Billy Smith, evil incarnate.
Butch Goring with that stupid airplane helmet of his.
Potvin Sucks
Front-running fans who jump ship as soon as Stanley Cups stop being won
The puck jumping over Mikko Leinonen's stick
Lady Bing Bossy
Randy Wood with the knee check to Darren Turcotte's knee 50 feet away from the puck in game one
Sub humans Vukota and Baumgartner attacking Jeff Bloemberg at the end of the same game
Jiggs and Eddie and their vile anti-Ranger diatribes
Stan Fischler too, until he started drawing MSG paychecks and in true Fishstick fashion jumped ship himself
Goalie 2021
Moronic uniforms
Brian Trottier coaches us with an evil plan only to set us back even further
At the Mausoleum they STILL play the chicken dance song on the organ so all 200 fans can chant 'the Rangers suck'
Even though the organist in the Garden stopped playing the Potvin Sucks song DECADES ago, and fans had to start whistling instead
Fat Lafontaine
Stupid bow tie
Last Place forever
Go to Kansas City you ********** b*******
Nineteen Eighty Three
Play under a circus tent where you belong

Yeah, not just another team to me...just sayin'
This 1000%. I'd love to see the Rangers beat them in one more play off just before they pack their bags and leave New York forever. I will always hate them with a passion.

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