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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
Drew, not only do you continue to have views so wildly incorrect, you manage to berate and belittle anybody who recognizes the teams best defenseman as
Part of the Staal fan club (with their panties in a twist)
Drinking the MSG kool aid
Drinking the Staal kool aid
Giving too much recognition to his last name

This isn't new. I don't know why you're so determined to insist that Marc is "a solid #3", instead of an elite shutdown defenseman. And I suppose you have every right to insist, argue, and pretty much bury your head in the sand when nearly ever Rangers fan, and for that matter, every other teams fan, and even our teams OWN COACH openly states that "Marc Staal is our best defensemen". But do us a favor?

When you attempt to argue, don't dismiss someone's opinion without reason or legitimate evidence. It just comes off as pretentious.

Also, You're the same guy who told us that the Rangers would get creamed by the "elite" of the league, and to come talk to you after we played Pitt, Wash (lol) and Philly. Never did get to ask you what you wanted to say after those wins.

What was it you wanted to say again?

And I see Danny giving Staal the A, for the record.
One other thing, I'll admit I'm a cynical, glass half empty fan because I've been around a hell of a lot longer than you and have been terminally dissapointed by the blatant failures of the worst of the original six franchises. It has made me very skeptical and so despite their wonderful season to date, I will continue to play devils advocate until the bloody end of the season. If I'm wrong, I will have no problem whatsoever admitting it, eating humble pie, being laughed at and serenaded with "I told you so's" by the blind loyalists like yourself who think people like me aren't really diehard ranger fans. Why? Because I refuse to see the silver lining in every loss(like our former coach) and I refuse to constantly overrated our players? Look, I hope they keep on winning. I really think they have something special going on here but time will tell. We'll just have to wait to the season plays out. You wanna laugh at and berate me, be my guest.

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