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12-28-2011, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
One other thing, I'll admit I'm a cynical, glass half empty fan because I've been around a hell of a lot longer than you and have been terminally dissapointed by the blatant failures of the worst of the original six franchises. It has made me very skeptical and so despite their wonderful season to date, I will continue to play devils advocate until the bloody end of the season. If I'm wrong, I will have no problem whatsoever admitting it, eating humble pie, being laughed at and serenaded with "I told you so's" by the blind loyalists like yourself who think people like me aren't really diehard ranger fans. Why? Because I refuse to see the silver lining in every loss(like our former coach) and I refuse to constantly overrated our players? Look, I hope they keep on winning. I really think they have something special going on here but time will tell. We'll just have to wait to the season plays out. You wanna laugh at and berate me, be my guest.
Never questioned your fanhood. I'm sure you root for the Rangers every game. It just seems like you're so embittered and conditioned for disappointment that you have trouble admitting when there are GOOD things going for the Rangers. It's like you're so afraid that it'll collapse that you force yourself to see failure as inevitable.

Are the older Rangers fans all this traumatized?

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