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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
See, it's this type of contempt filled hyperbole which is why your comments will always be shrugged off as bitter and immature.

You said we would, i'm trying to remember the phrasing, "see what a real elite team looks like", was it? I just never got to hear what you had to say on that 3 game stretch. Can't miss out on that terrific commentary.

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At the end of the season and not a minute sooner, we will all have a better idea of where we stand against what I as well as others(no, not just me!) consider to be the elite teams(all better than the Rangers until proven otherwise) in the league. That would be the Bruins, Pens and Flyers(yes even them, they did make the scf 2 yrs ago!) in the east and the Sharks, Canucks, Black Hawks and Red Wings in the west. Until then, I rest my case.
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