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12-28-2011, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
I seriously hope not. I don't mean to sound mean spirited and I enjoy the back and forth, point/counterpoint banter, I just can't help myself sometimes. The Rangers games that I have had season tickets to in section 411 with my two grown sons(ages 35 and 28) are the only release I have from a very mundane life.
If we didn't enjoy the back and forth, and the "I told you so's", we wouldn't be on the internet. Calling out somebody for one thing or another, making claims about the team, just another way to make the games feel like they matter more.

Nobody here is gonna say "Well, of course I want them to win, but i'm not sure how it'll go." every game. No! We try to analyze, predict, find patterns, SOME WAY of knowing if we'll win or not. We put big claims on these predictions, some preparing for disappointment, others ready to believe in victory in the face of overwhelming odds, so that when we win we can look the universe in the face and say "See? I ****ing TOLD YOU they would win."

We'll argue and call each other out on our respective ********, but all we want, all we want is to hear Bettman say: "Ryan Callahan, come get the Stanley Cup!". Which he will immediately after hand off to Hank.

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