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11-05-2003, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by guzmaniac
Well this part is tough. People by nature make mistakes. A mistake can devestate your life. Danny Heatley made a mistake. Someone died. Joe Corvo made a mistake that hurt another human being and offends society's sense of right and wrong. He's going to pay a much higher price than Mr. Heatley. Is it just for one guy to have a felony around his neck for the rest of his life and the other to walk (hobble) away with no centure from society? Yes, but just the felony tag is not enough to deep six the guy IMO. (I am sure Danny has beat himself up repeatedly for the loss of his friend.)

Craig McTavish (Oilers coach) was convicted of drunk driving and manslaughter. He did his time. He played again (although not in Boston) and has proved to be a solid citizen. Shouldn't he have been given a second chance? Tough decision.

To attack a woman, as Joe plead guilty to doing, is incomprehensible for me personally. I am lucky, my dad never hit my mom. But I realise now that this may not even be the norm. For some reason Joe never learned that this is unacceptable. Hopefully he will "get it" in counselling. I can't throw the first stone, or indeed any stone at all.
Guz, very thoughtful response... but IMO the intent of Corvo versus Heatley's intent are the difference. Plus, legally to this point, no charges are being pressed against Heatley, in fact Snyder's parent's have been vocal in their support of Heatley. Not saying a crime wasn't committed, but the intent wasn't to commit one, there was no alcohol, he was just reckless, which while awful and tragic, isn't necessarily a felony.

And while MacTavish paid his debt to society, Corvo really hasn't. He has a suspended sentence that will be invoked if he screws up again, and he will have community service and counseling which he hasn't done yet...

Bottomline as I see it, he went out one night and as a public figure of some nature, even in his private life, when he goes out, he's a representative of the Monarchs/Kings... and he has to conduct himself accordingly IMO. He's embarrassed everyone that has anything to do with either organization including the fans of each organization, his own family and friends.

So he's pretty much failed in a lot of ways with his plea bargain and like I said, I think the Kings should do the right thing in my view and trade him at some point.

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